Monday, November 30, 2009

Tips On Finding Your Weight Loss Surgeon

Once you have made the decision to get bariatric surgery, the next major step is choosing the right surgeon. There are many factors to consider in making this decision, and many ways to go about it. Here are some general tips and pointers about what to consider in making this key decision:

Know your options - Before deciding, check out who the bariatric surgeons in the Houston area are. Consider where they are located relative to you. Is it close by? Convenient? Also, consider whether they are covered under your insurance plan and if you have sufficient funds to pay their fees.

Visit their websites - Start looking at websites of weight loss surgery centers in the Houston area. Find out what services they offer and how they differentiate themselves from their competitors. Learn about the experience and expertise of the surgeons at the weight loss centers.

Ask a friend - There's a good chance you have a friend who has had gastric bypass or lap banding, or at least, a friend who knows someone who has had the procedure. Get in touch with this person and ask them about their experience. What did they like about their surgery and surgeon, and what did they dislike. This kind of firsthand experience is invaluable in making a final decision.

Call their office - Ultimately though, you have to decide for yourself. Make a list of questions that capture your concerns. Call up the surgery center that interests you and ask them your questions. Call up any other centers you are interested in, and elicit the same responses. Compare the responses and see what makes sense to you.

Make an appointment - The last major step is setting up an appointment with your potential surgeon. They should be happy to see you, explain your options in detail, and allay any concerns you may have. You can do all the research you want beforehand, but this meeting is key to see whether you feel comfortable with that particular surgeon performing this procedure on you. You have to be committed in this process, and you need a person you can depend on, as well as care team, that will help you achieve your goals.

Choosing a surgeon and bariatric center can make a significant difference in your overall outcome. Take your time, and you will feel much more comfortable with your decision! Good luck!


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